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Fusion Bumpers - Going Custom


Although Fusion doesn't offer a custom bumper for every rig, we have become very fond of their builds here at Truck Bumper Warehouse and PowerlabsDiesel.com.  We have outfitted SEMA trucks, customer trucks, and our own trucks with bumpers by Fusion Bumpers and have settled on 4 reasons we really admire Fusion.

Fusion Bumper on a Powerlabs Diesel SEMA Ford Dually

  1. Because 'merica - Fusion Bumpers doesn't just put together a bunch of foreign parts to make a bumper. These bumpers are bent, built and welded in Treasure Valley, Idaho, USA.  These bumpers provide American jobs and are a testament of American ingenuity and strength.
  2. Build to Suit - Although a bumper can take 4-6 weeks for completion, the wait is worth it.  The options are near limitless.  Ranging from low profile close-to-stock look, to the aggressive Defender and Pre-Runner Series bumpers.  Fusion Bumpers can be outfitted with more lights than you know what to do with (generally light bars from Rigid Industries) to brighten up the road, or add a winch up front to dig yourself out of the mud. Clevis mounts, backup sensors, backup lights, you name it.  Custom is where it's at.
  3. Steel, steel and more steel - Fusion doesn't cut corners with with their construction. The bumpers are based on a platform of 1/4" plate steel. These bumpers are beefy, keeping your rig from getting bent out of shape if you hit a deer, rock or another vehicle. They don't skimp on the small stuff to try and make an extra dollar, making a Fusion Bumper one of the best bangs for your buck.
  4. Raw or Coated - Since the default on a Fusion Bumper is a raw steel finish, you can customize it any way you want. We have seen them done in a Premium Linex (customer favorite), powder coated, paint to match or paint to accent. With a lot of other bumpers on the market, you have to strip and repaint or re-coat to meet the desired look and feel.  With a Fusion, it comes the way you need it.

So if you are looking for a good bang for your buck and don't want a bumper that matches every other truck on the road, give Fusion Bumpers a once over, and see if they fit the style of your rig.

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